Our International Fragrances​

City Connect provides the right distribution network to each brand, giving weight to the brand’s positioning, price point, and target audience. Below is our distribution network across the Middle East & Africa :


Founded in Grasse in 1996, the M. Micallef brand is now a signature in the world of high end luxury perfumes. With almost 900 retail outlets in 54 countries, the company’s success speaks for itself. Driven by their individual passion and talents.

Fragrance de bou

“Born in Nature, Crafted in France” and “Pure Oud, Pure Luxury”. Our luxury brand DNA with vision and integrity.True vision takes time, each one of our visionary creations started their journey to you over a decade ago, as a seed falling from the mythical Agarwood tree and then nurtured from seed, to soil, to oil to you by Fragrance Du Bois.


LOOTAH perfumes is one of the leading perfumery giant in the UAE. LOOTAH carries with it a wealth of perfume and incense knowledge that generates remarkable fragrances to enchant the senses

memo paris perfume
Memo Paris is a fragrance house founded by John and Clara Molloy in 2007. The pair met on a chair lift and decided to set off on a journey together. John Molloy grew up in the Irish countryside. … Both had a lifelong love of travel and adventure that inspired the collection of fragrances that would become Memo Paris.

Boadicea the Victorious is an independent British fragrance brand. Taking a defining moment in history as our inspiration, we have created a range of gender neutral perfumes that are quintessentially British and of incomparable quality.

the house of oud perfume

Andrea Casotti’s concept is an exciting freestyle, the personal accumulations of a nuclear engineer who is also a visionary, a street artist and a perfumer: a chameleon-like explorer who employs dynamics, colours and the ingredients of his fragrance house with talent to reproduce a vibrant synthesis of widely different universes in every one of his creations.


The Essence of Love

There are encounters that simply change the transition of things, that turn everything upside down and change one’s life. Special moments that make you feel electrified, that, despite their intensity, don’t have a meaning for anyone but the involved parties. 


Anfas is a new fragrance brand. The earliest edition was created in 2014 and the newest is from 2019. Anfas fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Asim Al Qassim and Christian Carbonnel



Valeur Absolue creates positive emotions and each of our products has been imagined to sublimate an essential emotion in women’s lives.

Our creations are inspired by secular knowledge used for the well-being of all

Kajal Perfume


Kajal Perfumes Paris is a fragrance house that was created out of the love of luxury perfumes and scents.  The company is registered in Paris, France with marketing and product development offices located in Toronto, Canada. Sales and logistics offices are operated out of Dubai, UAE.


Rushing was never an option. Finding and developing the quality Mr Mazzone demand takes perfection and perfection takes time. Always staying open, to learn and evolve. Like the perfumes themselves alchemically evolve their own scents, 

Larc Perfume


Inspired by Maitre de Claude’s commitment to purse his passion for unique scents, L’Arc Parfums distinguishes itself by being the first house of perfume dedicated to the seekers of grace and artistry.


a mesmerizing story of perfume and travel finds a
way to turn a life’s rendezvous into an eternal experience for the senses. It is said that lately, four professionals strange to each other embarked on four different journeys of discovery that had one thing in common: passion for perfume. Specialized in packaging development, design, sales and marketing, and scents, the four experts were each on a business mission that required them to unlock some answers in the
world of perfumery.

BOHA 1 Jeroboam Gold

For François Hénin, the founder of Jovoy perfumes and
boutiques, it is the origin for creating a new olfactory universe:
“What was nothing more than a creative olfactory exploration, a game between Vanina and me, led to the genesis of a completely new brand.” Very quickly,the pieces of the puzzle fell into place; at first it was similar to a word game,in the form of advertising slogans.

the gate


The Gate Fragrances Paris brand was created as a natural development of the owners’ experiences and passion to luxury perfumes and fragrances; it is the ambition of an entrepreneur who spent years in selling perfumes in Cairo, Gaza and Dubai.

christian provenzano


Christian Provenzano is a world renowned Creative Perfumer with over forty years of experience in the Fragrance Industry whose creations have inspired the success of fine fragrance brands throughout the world. 



Shay & Blue is a boutique perfumery brand that focuses on authenticity,Elegance and difference. Established in London, the brand reinvents the great classics of the perfume world, giving them a fresh and contemporary twist.